About Us

We are a small home run business located in Northern California.


Quality is a huge factor for us here at the Pen Pedler. It is the number one thing that we consider when we choose the products that we make. We treat everything that we make as though it had our name on it and we hope that you would be happy enough to tell everyone that you got it from the Pen Pedler. 


Each item is priced to give you the maximum value. Our goal is that each pen, razor, shave brush, etc. will provide a lifetime of service to you. We want nothing more than to hear about how you loved using our products and you still look forward to using them day after day.


We are striving to build relationships with those around us to use the wood harvested locally from these orchards as well as globally sustainable woods. Living here in Northern California we have amazing orchards and locally sourced wood, as well as some amazing native woods found nowhere else. 


This speaks more to us personally than to the business. The Pen Pedler was a natural growth of a passion for creating and trying new things. Working on a lathe continues to challenge and bring a great joy to our lives.