November 18, 2016

Sometimes you have to start all over

When we changed our name from Chryspy’s Crafts to the Pen Pedler we figured that the hardest part was going to be getting all the stuff reprinted. Getting new business cards led us on to getting some custom logos made for us over at, and that was an amazing time working with someone who was able to take the vague descriptions that we gave him and turn them into just what we wanted. Once we had the new logo it kinda inspired us to really just want to put a fresh face on everything. So the next thing to tackle was our website.

The website honestly became just one little thing after another as we kept digging into changing themes so that everything would have a consistent feel to it. It finally got to the point where we were going to spend more time and effort into fixing all the little problems then we would if we just started over. So that’s what we did, one night we backed up most everything that we could and scrapped it. So now we are slowly in the process of rebuilding. 

While the rebuilding of the site is at times overwhelming and a bit tedious, it is also a great chance for us to learn and grow. It has provided a chance to reflect on what we are really wanting to accomplish. We have gained focus and a clearer vision of what we want in the future of The Pen Pedler.

As I have spent time rebuilding the site it has become a metaphor for life. In my life, as with many others, we find ourselves in situations and places where we find it better to start over. To stop and look around and reevaluate if what we are doing is work and what direction we want to proceed. I know that when I am in the middle of those situations that it seems scary, it can be overwhelming to change course and direction, but I can also say that often much good comes of those time and from those situations.

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