November 6, 2014

A Shoehorn Among Friends – Part 1

So this started off as just one of those really odd requests, and has turned into something really fun. In discussing the shoehorn a great story of friendship and the random inside jokes that long term friends share emerged and left me with a feeling of excitement and gratitude to be included. This was to be an “epic” shoehorn, and as such I set out to see what I could find for inspiration.

You know what I found, shoehorns can be pretty boring. It’s true, it is basically a thin piece of material that helps you get into a shoe. The Wikipedia page for shoehorns is rather short. Originally the shoehorn was made from the horns, imagine that, or hooves. Later there were some that were made of metal, wood, even paper. So how do you set out to make an “epic” shoehorn?

I started with a local wood, apple. Now, while apple isn’t native to Northern California, there is this wonderful place called Apple Hill. Apple Hill has been a fall and winter season destination for the greater Sacramento area for 50 years. While the peak season for Apple Hill is the from Halloween through Christmas, you can go there all year long and enjoy the great locally grown produce, and scrumptious treats. While visiting there this summer, I was able to procure some seasoned apple wood from the trees that were being replaced, and the journey of the epic shoehorn began with elements of our local culture.

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